SCR888 is the most trusted online casino in Malaysia. With over thousands of amazing games and all sorts of attractive prizes up for grabs, SCR888 had become the number one spot for online gamers to hang out and chill. The entertainment content that SCR888 provides includes live table games such as baccarat, roulette and poker, fishing games and of course, the main feature at the online casino that is slot games. Slot games are our favourite games to play because they just so effortlessly keep you entertained for hours and hours on end, we can easily see ourselves getting addicted to all the wonderful games provided at SCR888. Here we compiled a few tips that are useful to you when registering an account on the online casino SCR888.

To gain unlimited access into the SCR888 online casino, first, the user will need to create an account. Registering an account on SCR888 is simple and easy, it will not take more than five minutes of your time. All the user has to do is figure out a username for themselves, and a password to protect the account. It is recommended that the username that you choose do not contain any inappropriate words such as racial slurs or swear words because that will potentially get you banned from the online casino. The password should always be a combination of alphabets and numbers, the more complex the combination is, the safer your account is from the hands of no good hackers.


Tips When Registering Account On SCR888

You can choose to register an account by either visiting the SCR888 official website or on the SCR888 app. Yes, SCR888 has a mobile site where you can play their games on the go! The online casino app is available on both Apple and Google play store. Simply search for ‘SCR888’ by using the play store search button and the first result should be it! There are cases where you may find that you are region locked from downloading the app from the play store, some signs of this include the app being completely missing from the play store, or the download link is missing from the app’s page. We have a solution for this problem, which is by manually downloading and installing the SCR888 app into your phone.

You can do this by visiting and download the .apk file of the SCR888 app. From here on you would have to transfer the .apk file into your phone, tablet, or any electronic device you choose to play on via wire or Bluetooth transfer. Then, you are required to launch the .apk file on your electronic device by looking for it using the file manager app. If you are prompted a question on whether the device should trust the app, click ‘yes’ and the installation process should automatically start afterwards.

The SCR888 app has amazing security systems, this include two factor authentication which requires the user to verify their identity by using their phones before being able to log into their account. However, some advanced hackers have ways of bypassing this security, so it is ADVISED that you do not share the password to your account ANYWHERE on the internet. 

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